Giving a year of service pin as a seniority gift is important in that it is a special gift to the institution that has integrity and continuity. A meaningful and stylish collection is created with the seniority pin, which also has high sentimental value.

Seniority pin awards, inspired by the logo of the institution and with a special design for each year of service, are a meaningful and valuable souvenir. Seniority pin has a special importance and value because it is a product associated with both the institution and the employee. In addition, seniority gifts designed in line with the corporate identity are gifts that are integral and continuous with each other.

Why Seniority Pin Award?

  • The seniority pin is a specially designed product associated with the institution and is unique. In this respect, it differs from the ubiquitous cliché seniority gifts.
  • The seniority pin is also a personalized gift. Because the seniority pins includes the number of years the person has served the institution.
  • A specially designed seniority pin for each seniority year provides continuity and consistency.
  • Seniority pins that are integrated with each other create a desire to have every year's seniority pin and complete the series in employees, increases employee loyalty.
  • Pins with increasing value according to years of seniority will ensure a fair distribution, thus preventing jealousy, injustice, etc. among employees prevents negative emotions.

Seniority Pin Award Can Be Produced to Suit Every Budget

A separate seniority pin can be designed and produced for each year of seniority, within the budget allocated by the institution for the seniority gift. Seniority pins can be produced in bronze, silver and gold, with an increasing value according to the year of service or they can be planned as only silver or only gold, depending on the budget of the institution.

Seniority Pin Award Creates a Valuable Collection

The seniority pin is a seniority gift that every employee meticulously preserves and is proud of.

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