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Decorative Plaques

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The ear of wheat is a symbol of human history that carries deep meaning. It is known as a symbol of fertility, abundance and productivity. At the same time, it is also remarkable for its endurance and adaptability in the face of adversity. It can withstand even the harshest storms, just as a human being can withstand the hardships of life.The ear of wheat stands upright when the grains are still empty. This symbolizes youthful energy and self-confidence. When people are at the beginning of their lives, without knowledge and experience, unprepar..
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Is the seniority award, which is one of the most important parts of a company's internal communication efforts, a binding application that strengthens and motivates your employees' sense of belonging? Here are the three most common mistakes made in seniority awards!Giving Bonuses as a Seniority AwardAlthough it seems like an application that makes employees happy, giving bonuses as a seniority reward is the biggest mistake made in this regard. Because the bonus is forgotten as soon as it is spent. It does not make you feel special, its effect i..
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Awards and plaques are generally ordinary and boring. Each office has many similar plaques. Sometimes it is the reward of success, sometimes of contribution, sometimes of loyalty and continuity. They find a place in our hearts with the writings on them. But one day, there will be no room for them in our office or on our desk, and they will be quietly put away somewhere. Well, what if that plaque is a special design, stylish and meaningful, is it still destined to be locked in a drawer?Think about it, aren't the plaques you see when you go to an..
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Decorative awards or plaques are stylish and specially designed objects that people will be happy to display in their offices or homes. In other words, “decorative awards and plaques” is the transformation of decorative objects into awards or plaques.What is a Decorative Award / Plaque?Decorative awards and plaques are a type of specially designed awards and plaques that add value to the space with their stylish and high-quality appearance, are perceived as a decorative object, and therefore everyone will be proud to display them.Why Decorative..
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