Decorative awards or plaques are stylish and specially designed objects that people will be happy to display in their offices or homes. In other words, “decorative awards and plaques” is the transformation of decorative objects into awards or plaques.

What is a Decorative Award / Plaque?

Decorative awards and plaques are a type of specially designed awards and plaques that add value to the space with their stylish and high-quality appearance, are perceived as a decorative object, and therefore everyone will be proud to display them.

Why Decorative Award / Plaque?

Because we are now in a period where glass awards and plaques are given even in primary schools. All the plaques are uniform, as if they came from the same machine, and there are the same awards and plaques everywhere. Many people have dozens of the same awards and plaques. Awards / plaques given at school, awards / plaques given in the courses he attended, awards / plaques given in the seminars he attended, plaques / awards given in the institutions he worked; It's always the same... Writing something on a ready-made piece of glass does not make anyone feel valuable or special. Yes, glass awards and plaques are really cheap, but they are also ineffective.

As a Corporate Gift Agency, we came up with the idea of "decorative awards / plaques" while thinking about what we can do and how we can make a difference for institutions that want to get out of this vicious circle in the field of awards and plaques and differentiate themselves.

We aimed to turn a design that is beautiful enough to be used as a decorative object into an award / plaque at the same time... Because each "decorative award / plaque" is a real award, a unique gift. Decorative awards / plaques are proudly displayed in places of honor and make a name for themselves.

How Do Decorative Awards or Plaques Come About?

When we are working on a new decorative award or plaque, we imagine a decorative object that everyone can like and want to buy and display in their home. While designing the decorative object, we take inspiration from life. Because we want our object to have a story. Even when we don't put any other words on it, we want it to have a story to tell, to make us think, to motivate, to give happiness, to be relatable, in other words, to activate an emotion. Let the award or plaque written on it crown the story of our object and turn it into an even more valuable memory, an award...

For this reason, the decorative awards and plaques we make are sometimes inspired by universal values and symbols, sometimes by our local values. In any case, we are actually inspired by and nourished by life, and we try to reflect this in our designs.

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