Awards and plaques are generally ordinary and boring. Each office has many similar plaques. Sometimes it is the reward of success, sometimes of contribution, sometimes of loyalty and continuity. They find a place in our hearts with the writings on them. But one day, there will be no room for them in our office or on our desk, and they will be quietly put away somewhere. Well, what if that plaque is a special design, stylish and meaningful, is it still destined to be locked in a drawer?

Think about it, aren't the plaques you see when you go to any office very familiar? Maybe you even have the same one? And then you see the same plaque in another office, in someone else's room. And even after a while, your mind automatically stops seeing them. Because it is ordinary, because it has no story, because it is boring...

Let's think about it, for example, we went to visit an office; We take a look at a lot of plaques and get an idea... So, which one sticks in our mind?

Or, for example, the company you work for gave you a plaque as a seniority reward. What kind of award would you take home with pride, show it to your family, display it in a corner of your home, or even show it to your spouse or friend? What kind of plaque always maintains its value and place?

A award or plaque that makes a difference is also a tasteful decorative object…

These questions always fly in our minds when we design our decorative awards and plaques... What kind of object should we design, what kind of decorative award or plaque should it be so that it can always be a crown jewel in offices and showcases? What kind of award or plaque, if given to me, would I proudly display in the most beautiful corner of my office or home?

In fact, our starting point is always to design a good decorative object. A stylish and meaningful decorative object. A tasteful, high-quality decorative object that everyone will want to display in their home or office. An object with a story and a special energy of its own.

When we work on our designs, we often start from symbols... Sometimes a local, sometimes a global symbol winks at us and says "come closer, I'll tell you a story"... This is how our story begins...

Then we add a award / plaque feature to this specially designed decorative object. Thus, it becomes both an award plaque and a stylish gift... Especially for institutions that want to make a difference and be remembered, a decorative award or plaque is an excellent option.

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