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Product ID: VIP-1014
The olive branch, which has been accepted as a symbol of peace for centuries, is used as the symbol of holiness, abundance, justice, health, pride, victory, welfare, wisdom, mind, purification and rebirth in all the holy books, in short, the most important virtues and values for humanity. This speci..
Product ID: VIP-1102
The new design of the Corporate Gift Agency is again inspired by a universal symbol. This stylish frame plaque, which we designed with the wheat ear, the symbol of abundance, will add a different beauty to homes and offices. Ears of wheats are handmade and gold color plated. Our product is domestic ..
Product ID: TSR-1650
Frame award plaques are a different and highly effective reward / gift option compared to traditional plaques. Reasons such as offering high visibility, being special design and being a long-lasting gift make them more attractive. For this reason, frame award plaques have become increasingly popular..
Product ID: KDM-1023
Do you want to get rid of mediocrity, be noticed with your awards and always be remembered?If so, our custom design award series is just for you... The special design of the Corporate Gift Agency, with sycamore tree objects, is produced in three colors as bronze, silver and gold. It is a very goo..
Product ID: KDM-1024
Do you want to get rid of the ordinary in the awards you give and want your awards to always be visible? Let it be unique, have a story, be meaningful and at the same time aesthetic. Moreover, it should be easily associated with your institution. Then this specially designed painting award series is..
Product ID: TSR-1002
Make your award plaques unforgettable with a design specific to your institution.Do you want an award plaque specially designed for your institution? Let it be associated with your organization and be a stylish reminder. Sometimes it is a small detail from your logo or a product, sometimes it is an ..
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