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Corporate Custom Designs

The corporate gift reflects the institution's reputation and influences the perceptions of the target group on the institution. Corporate gift is an important part of brand communication, and it is not an advertising tool like promotion, but a means of strengthening brand reputation and creating empowerment. For this reason, it is essential that your corporate gift reflects your brand.

We work to ensure that the budget you allocate to corporate gifts is not garbage, and that you make value for your gift and add power to your mark. We will prepare your gift suggestions with great care and try to create the most powerful options that will best describe your brand.

We take care to ensure that your corporate gift is meaningful, stylish, of good quality and associated with your institution, no matter what purpose you are going to use. We love gifts that are stories, and we believe that they are gifts that are the story of the most impressive gift.

Below are some examples of corporate-specific gifts we have designed for various companies.

For our special gift designs, you can contact us immediately: 0212 275 26 50

Product ID: KPE-0019
Corporate Custom Design Earring. Custom design 925 sterling silver or gold pin, cufflink, bracelet. Corporate jewelry, custom jewelery, custom design jewelry, custom cufflinks, custom pins, custom bracelets...
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