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Corporate Gifts

Kurumsal Hediye Ajansı (Corporate Gift Agency) prepares, designs and presents custom designed VIP corporate gifts that companies can use for various periods. Below you can see some of the standard products of Kurumsal Hediye Ajansı (Corporate Gift Agency) , which prepare permanent, meaningful, conceptful gifts for all corporate gift needs, especially VIPs.

For completely custom designed products, you can contact our company immediately: 0212 275 26 50

Product ID: STE-9000
Product ID: D3001
Portable UVC Sterilizer Handy..
Product ID: VIP-2260
The olive tree is a symbol of prosperity and longevity. Special Design Silver Olive Tree. A precious and special VIP gift. Completely hand-made. The product is silver plated. Height 26-27cm, diameter of the base 15cm. As it is produced by hand work, there may be small changes in the dimensions. The ..
Product ID: D2001
UVC Sterilization Box..
Product ID: VIP-2250
Silver Plated Handmade Pomegranate Tree. Special Design Silver Pomegranate Tree. A precious and special VIP gift. Completely hand-made. Pomegranate tree in gold and micron silver plated. Pomegranates are gold plated. Height 25-30 cm, width of base marble 25cmx25cm, total weight about 5 kg. Wood can ..
Product ID: D1001
Product ID: VIP-1014
The olive branch, which has been accepted as a symbol of peace for centuries, is used as the symbol of holiness, abundance, justice, health, pride, victory, welfare, wisdom, mind, purification and rebirth in all the holy books, in short, the most important virtues and values for humanity. This speci..
Product ID: OSM-1000
Ottoman Sultans Collection (6 Pieces)..
Product ID: OSM-2000
Ottoman Soldiers Collection (12 pieces)..
Product ID: HMM-1262
Oversized Turkish Bath Set. Size: 39x20x15 cm. Total Weight: 1,00 kg. Content: Special design antique coffee wooden chest with polished compartment. Cover in mirror. 2 pieces of natural soap, 2 pieces of soap soap, 2 pieces of lavender soap, lavender tobaccos, 100% cotton peshtemal, copper bath bowl..
Product ID: KHV-3014
Product ID: VIP-3042D
Product ID: HMM-1264
Ottoman Bath Set (Small). Size: 14x14x6,5 cm. Total weight: 0,500 kg. Content: 2 pieces naturel soap, silk pouch, natural pumice stone, lavender bag in special design stylish wooden crate...
Product ID: D8001
UVC Sterilizer Handy M..
Product ID: LVT-1271
Lavender set. Size: 14x14x6 cm. Total weight: 0,600 kg. Content: 2 pieces of lavender soap in special design antique wooden box, Rebul 180cc lavender cologne, lavender bag. Presentation: Logo can be applied to the box. A gift package with a special name is given to the name, along with a greeting ca..
Product ID: TSR-2101
Special design thermo leather organizer. Tablet, mobile phone, business card, USB, earphone, powerbank, charger etc. A handy and stylish gift with pockets on which tools can be placed. Accessories not included in the photo are included...
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