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Corporate Gifts

Are you tired of ordinary and cliché gift products that are easily found everywhere? Then you are in the right place!

Our specially designed corporate gift products, which are constantly in our product group, offer you brand new alternatives. Our products are special designs and all are domestic production. You can visit our categories below for a remarkable, permanent and meaningful gift option with a story.

Corporate Special Designs

Do you want to have a completely custom design for your institution? Maybe a plaque, a painting, a desktop object or a gift set that will best reflect your institution... A different award or gift with a story associated with your institution. We are here to hear your needs and offer you the most suitable ideas!

You can get an idea by examining our corporate-specific design reference works, and you can contact us immediately for a completely special work.

Sterilization Devices

With the pandemic, disinfection and sterilization devices have become an important need in our country as well as in the whole world. If you are looking for a gift that fits the spirit of the period, our disinfection and sterilization devices can be a good alternative for you.

Product ID: D3001
Portable UVC Sterilizer Handy..
Product ID: D8001
UVC Sterilizer Handy M..
Product ID: D1001
Product ID: D2001
UVC Sterilization Box..

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