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About Us

Corporate gift is one of the important parts of marketing communication. Kurumsal Hediye Ajansı (Corporate Gift Agency) is the first and only service agency focused on corporate gift only.

We believe that,

  • Corporate gifts given by companies during various periods provide important clues about their images, and these gifts create valuable effects when properly selected.
  • A corporate gift that is associated and meaningful with the institution or activity strengthens the image of the company and establishes an emotional connection between the person who receives the gift and the institution that gives the gift.
  • A well-thought-out and well-established emotional bond is a corporate gift, a marketing communication activity that will last for many years.

We know that corporate gift choice reflects the identity of firms. We accept the basic principle of managing all the processes with professional approaches until we meet the gift needs of the institutions and present them in the content of the gift.

Our company, which is the only company that provides service on "institutional jewelry and accessories" of Turkey, designs and manufactures corporate jewelry for many national and international companies. We have made significant improvements in a short time thanks to our different and attentive approach and our highly acclaimed jewelry and accessory designs. Over time, we also increased our product range in line with the demands of our customers.

Today, Kurumsal Hediye Ajansı (Corporate Gift Agency) produces boutique solutions not only for jewelery and accessory design but also for all corporate gift needs of institutions.

In a nutshell, you say your activity, your purpose, your target budget and your budget. We develop, design, produce and present you with stylish packages in accordance with the concept of your activity, different, permanent and meaningful gift ideas.