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Special Design Working Conditions


You tell us your activity, your purpose, your destination, your budget. We develop, design, produce and present you with stylish packages in accordance with the concept of your activity, different, permanent and meaningful gift ideas.

Our creative team will work out ideas for suitable gifts for the activity, give life to these ideas and prepare preliminary designs.

Because we, like you, think that your corporate gift is special and important. Your corporate gift should be different, meaningful, useful, valuable and lasting. With this belief; We are preparing unique corporate gifts that are suitable for your corporate identity and target budget.


Corporate gifts that provide important clues about corporate image of companies create valuable effects when carefully selected. A properly selected corporate gift strengthens the image of the company and establishes an emotional connection between the person receiving the gift and the institution giving the gift. A clearly defined and carefully chosen gift is the outward reflection of the value given to the person.

The corporate gift choice reflects the identity of the companies. We accept the basic principle of managing all the processes with professional approaches until we meet the gift needs of the institutions and present them in the content of the gift. While working on a gift idea, we attach importance first to that the gift can be associated with the institution and that it can make sense for the person to be presented.


BRIEF BEFORE: First of all, detailed information about the gift need from the institution is received. For what purpose, where and when will the gift be used? Brief information about the target audience (age average, gender distribution, etc.)? How many gifts do you need and about budget?

CREATIVE GIFT IDEAS: In the framework of information received from the institution, our creative team starts to work on gift ideas with the design team. Among the emerging ideas, the most appropriate options are identified and gift ideas are presented to the institution. For the idea chosen by the institution, the draft is passed to work.

PRE-DESIGN: A rough preliminary design is prepared and presented to the institution for approval so that the institution can imagine the idea. Final corrections are made according to the feedback received from the institution and the product is presented in detail with detailed design.

APPROVAL AND PRODUCTION: The production process begins with the detailed drawing approval. The company is informed regularly about production stages. When the production is completed, the products are packed and a gift package is made and delivered to the institution.